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Seeking Play Submissions for The 25th Season at Bruka Theatre

Brüka Theatre is seeking PLAY SUBMISSIONS for the Season 25 - 2017/18 at Brüka Theatre. Submissions are open from January 15, 2017 - February 15, 2017.  
Our goal is to review the proposals for the best match to Brüka and our mission and reach out about the proposals in March/April 2017.  We aim to have our season announced by May of 2017.  It is our 25th season . . . we want to celebrate the artistry of Brüka, the city of Reno the artists, creators and the community. We are open for new ideas, great works and conversation. A confidential committee led by The Producing Artistic Director will review plays.  

Producing a full season of dynamic theatre requires great investment of time, money, trust and teamwork. Most of all it takes ingenuity, courage and passion.  Our goal is to create a place for this passion to have a canvas.  For our seasons, we choose a theme to work around.  For our 25th we are playing with the theme of "Serendipity".  That could change in accordance with the submissions, the times we live and the art of adjustment.  We hope you will read through the submission form carefully.  Submit your resume of experience and consider sharing your artistry with Brüka Theatre and the community.  Feel free to send any questions through to  

How to submit:

Send though the mail:  
üka Theatre 99 N. Virginia St., Reno, NV  89501


Dropped off to Brüka during box office hours:  
     Thursday - Saturday 2:30 - 6:30.

Submission Form

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